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Facial Hair and Badassedness | Women Chase

After a long split from undesired facial hair, I decided last autumn to begin with displaying some again. I gotn’t got any since I’d shaved off my moustache and goatee back 2004. This time around though, at the conclusion of 2009, I became a chinstrap and a soul patch. And I noticed an immediate altered for the amount of destination i obtained from sexy women asian

Asian ladies from Asia, I observed, it seems that had preferred me clean-shaven, in addition to their destination for me took place a bit once I began sporting hair on your face. But white girls, alternatively – whoa.


increase in destination indeed there. My approach toward all of them hadn’t altered. My design had not changed. My vocals had not altered.

Although level of interest I Managed To Get from them after growing some undesired facial hair –


altered over night.

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