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How Can Art Help in Addiction Recovery? Gateway Rehab

One of the most used art therapy techniques for working with substance abuse patients is a five-part project called The First Step Series. Physical Art is meant to reference options such as creative dance. Exercise is already an effective way to aid addiction recovery, and dance therapy takes art expression and combines it with physical movement.

  • The simple act of drawing is in itself a peaceful activity, and zentangles have risen in popularity as a therapeutic use for many forms of mental challenges.
  • Additionally, art facilitates sharing similar experiences and emotions to help recovering individuals feel better understood and build meaningful connections.
  • Howes’ mission in his posts is to demystify the elements and process of psychotherapy for the public.

The participants imagine heading toward the light, and they then draw and color their lighthouse, adding words that represent guidance and hope to them. After crafting the jar or box, have the individuals collect items that remind them of pleasurable, happy memories. This can be anything from old letters, movies or bus tickets, photos, etc. As they fill the jar with these emotion-evoking items, they’ll remember positive moments in their lives and bring up good sentiments.

Art therapy provides an alternative way to explore feelings.

Using magazines, newspapers, or old books, create a collage using various images to represent your worries and stressors. Map out the people you have 4 Ways to Make Amends in Recovery in your life. Draw yourself in the center and then map out all of the connections you can think of in your life and how close each one is to you.

There are countless studies2 that have proven the efficacy of art therapy in relation to mental health and substance abuse disorders. There is definitive proof that art therapy can help people deal with many problems, including emotional distress, emotional trauma, mental disorders, and substance abuse disorders. The act of creating something is almost magical. Without words, you have the freedom to express complex ideas and feelings. Art therapy for substance abuse is a treatment that harnesses the power of art to help recovering addicts express thoughts and emotions they may not be able to say with words.

Insert Self-Care Pieces

Visit any bookstore or arts and crafts store, and you will see a wide selection of detailed, intricate coloring books marketed for adults to relieve stress. While these coloring books can be a great way to pass the time and may even help lower stress, they can’t replace real art therapy with a Registered Art Therapist. An art therapist offers a deeper level of support than you can find on your own. Art therapists use art and applied psychological theory and experience to make art therapy effective, as shown by this study from the American Art Therapy Association.

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